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Drop 10 Pounds. Find the best weight loss product for you.

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Sick of calorie counting and Yo-Yo diets ?

Tired of not being able to eat what you want ?

Take Back Control Over Your Weight 


Drop 10 Pounds Or More Without It Being A Struggle

You may be familiar with feeling like a failure on a diet, feeling low and lacking any will power around foods you can’t enjoy. No doubt you have experienced Yo-Yo-ing weight. We all have at one time. But that can now be a thing of the past. By using the latest weight loss supplements like Adiphene or Phen 375 no willpower is required.

There’s also no need to go through the usual “I’ll start dieting on Monday” either. And it’s all because you can use these products and still eat as usual. Yet you still lose weight. That’s the benefit to you. No more calorie counting, special meals or diet plans. No more struggling for menu ideas or reading food labels to make sure it fits in with your boring diet.  With these great new weight loss supplements there is no “falling off the wagon” or failure.

  • No boring diet.
  • No failure.
  • You CAN stick to it.
  • No calorie counting.
  • No change of lifestyle.

Thousands of happy customers can testify to the amazing power of these products and the re-order rates are huge. Scroll down and choose how much weight you want to initially lose, and you will find the perfect product to deliver exactly that. You can Drop 10 Pounds or even more, depending on your ideal weight loss goal. 

Please feel free to use our BMI calculator and find out your ideal Body Mass Index now. Click here. 


Product choice.

Product choice.

To drop 10 – 20 Pounds/4.5 – 9.7 kilos (or more).

Phen375 – A very popular weight loss solution.

Phen375 is the best solution if you’re looking a lot of weight loss. And not only that, a lot of weight loss in a short time.  Losing 10 to 20 Pounds or even more should be easily achievable, depending on how long you use it for. Phen375 appears to be one of the most popular choices in the weight loss market today. 


To lose a moderate amount of weight, 3 – 10 Pounds/1.3 – 4.5 kilos.


Adiphene is the one to look at if you need to drop 3-10 pounds easily and safely. It contains 100% natural ingredients. 5 to 10 Pounds weight loss should be easily achievable with Adiphene, and maybe more.


To lose a smaller amount of weight or maintain your weight loss.

Kou Tea – Perfect for maintaining weight loss.

A tasty blend of four powerful teas that boost your metabolism and help burn fat. Not to mention many other health benefits and is packed with vitamins. This product comes in tea bag form, and provides a healthy and tasty drink.


Tea Tone Plus – All the benefits of weight loss tea in a supplement.  

A great blend of weight loss teas plus added Raspberry Ketones. Great for losing smaller amounts of weight and maintaining your weight loss. It comes in an easy to take supplement which is great if you have a busy lifestyle and can’t find time to prepare and drink Kou Tea.